@Pratt: Community Dialogue
Openness: Form, Method, and Thinking
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24 Happy Hours
Olinda: Restaurant Experience
Citizens Union Annual Report
Lush Cosmetics: Rebrand
Typeart: J E N N
Who am I? A mashup
In the Kelp Bed
May 2010 | Community Dialogue + Interactive Media

@Pratt was a live interactive community project that explores the concept of openness.

During the months of February-May 2010, yellow stickers containing "@Pratt..." were distributed around Pratt Institute. Students and participants filled out the stickers by completing the sentence "@Pratt..." Participants were encouraged to document and share their experience on designated social media sites, such as Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

@Pratt Stickerlog is a concept for a smartphone application that allows users to comment and interact instantaneously. As a user encounters a sticker, he/she uses a smartphone to "sensor" the stickerthrough augmented reality. Then, the application automatically loads sticker's page that he/she just scanned on the spot. Users can comment through various media, such as uploading a photo, video, text, and voice message. This application is designed to make dialogue more fluid and accessible.